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    Primary Care

    There are many benefits of choosing a qualified primary care provider to advocate and advance your health.

    Primary care involves the comprehensive care of a patient, either on a short or long-term basis. A primary care physician is essentially a family doctor trained to recognize common health problems in the patient as a whole. This type of doctor can assist you with everything from an acute illness and annual check-ups to preventive "wellness" care.

    Our three board-certified family doctors and certified physician assistant possess the skills and training necessary to be your primary health partner throughout all stages of life. 

    The benefits of choosing and partnering with a primary care provider include:

    • Expert guidance - Whatever your health concern or problem may be, your primary care doctor will either be able to treat it or refer you to a specialist who can then provide appropriate care.
    • Preventive healthcare - Primary care physicians provide routine screenings and check-ups, helping to monitor conditions that can lead to serious trouble if not promptly diagnosed and treated.
    • Continuity of Care - Over time, our physicians will get to know your health concerns and health history, as well as any chronic problems or potential medical problems you may have.
    • Convenience - Primary care doctors serve large populations of patients, from children to the elderly. This means they see, know and can diagnose the most common medical disorders.
    • Comprehensive Services - You can use the same doctor for a variety of conditions and to care for your entire family.